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Slab Fudge Flavours for 2016

Slab Artisan Fudge

Available Again Very Soon at Bliss!

A4 fudge menu

Bliss will re-open for the half-term, so if it’s still too cold for ice cream then grab yourselves some fab Slab fudge instead. Slab Fudge is made by our very own Rachel of Bliss, and really needs to be tried to fully appreciate its fudgey goodness!

Also available to buy online at -?Slab Artisan Fudge at Bliss

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5 Great Reasons To Visit Bliss This Half Term

Bliss Logo With Stripes


1. The Fudge Bar

The Bliss Fudge Bar

All homemade and extremely tasty, just what you need to cheer up those Autumn blues!

2. New Milka Range

New Milka range available at Bliss

We now have a few choice Milka bars available, ideal for enjoying whilst relaxing on the sofa.

3. Warm Belgian Waffles

Hot Belgian Waffles

Enjoy with a scoop of ice cream, some hot choc fudge sauce and whipped cream. Utter indulgence!

4. Gourmet Confectionery

Fab range of gourmet confectionery

We stock a great little range of tasty sweets and treats at Bliss, ideal for snacking on over the weekend.

5. Take-Home Minghella Ice Cream Tubs

Take-home Minghella ice cream tubs

Keep one of these beauties in the freezer and you’ll always have an easy dessert option whenever indulgence is needed.

So get yourselves and the family down to Bliss this half-term, find us on Bath Road just up from The Parade in Cowes.